Where Is First Church In The World?

first church

The first Church in the world is Saint Pierre Church, the catholic church. It is situated in Antakya / Hatay / Turkey. It is a church in a cave of 13 meters in depth, 9,5 meters in length, and 7 meters in height.

After the death of Jesus Christ, St. Piere the Apostle came to the city and preached between the years 29 and 40. the followers of Jesus Christ were first called “Christian” here.

They dug a tunnel to escape from Roman Soldiers. The tunnel has 3km in length but some parts of it collapsed as a result of earthquakes. My friend Riza is in the tunnels.

Pope Paul IV declared the Church a place of pilgrimage in 1983. St Pierr’sDay is annually celebrated on the 29th of June.

Haron And The Virgin Mary Sculptures

Located only ten minutes away from ST Pierre Church, Haron is a Church stone relief dating back to the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphones (175-164 BC) in the Hellenistic Period. This relief is called “the boatman of hell” in mythology.

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