If you are thinking about what to do in Cappadocia, we have compiled the most beautiful and special activities that you must do during your visit, and listed the most important things to do in Cappadocia, item by item. We hope you benefit.

If you are thinking about how to go to Cappadocia, you can read this article first.

View of Fairy Chimneys from Above on a Hot Air Balloon

Balloon tours are undoubtedly one of the indispensable activities during Cappadocia trips. Attracting the attention of many local and foreign tourists, hot air balloon tours are an event that has become an icon of Cappadocia. Although its prices are a bit expensive by Turkish standards, in short, it is a bit of a luxury activity, we recommend you to push your budget a little if possible, to experience the balloon activity during your trip and to look at the magnificent fairy chimneys views from the fascinating Cappadocia skies.

In addition, a balloon festival is held every year in Cappadocia. Don’t miss the Turkey Cappadocia Balloon Festival.


ATV Tour in the Most Beautiful Valleys of Cappadocia

For an experience where you can experience both adrenaline and the pleasure of natural and cultural sightseeing together, in difficult terrain conditions and in the middle of the perfect Cappadocia valleys with 4-wheel motors.

While getting the chance to get to know the little-known valleys on the tracks on the ATV tours that anyone with a bit of self-confidence can do, regardless of young or old, You can take beautiful pictures from each other. It is true that you will be left in a little dust and mud, but one of the most enjoyable and beautiful activities in Cappadocia that you should not return without doing is safari.

ATV Tour

Attending Avanos Pottery Workshops

Clay, soft and oily soils obtained from Avanos mountains and Kızılırmak beds are primarily sifted and turned into mud and shaped and turned into pottery by training tourists in Avanos workshops called workshops. The prepared pots are left to dry first in the sun and then in the shade. Making pottery, which is extremely fun, educational, stress reliever, and most importantly, a very traditional and local activity specific to the Cappadocia region, is one of the activities you must do during your Cappadocia trip.

Go Tasting at Wineries

I guess there is no one who does not know that Cappadocia wines are famous. You can visit the wonderful wineries of the region, which are made with the best grapes and fruits of the region, crushed, dried, distilled in the factories in the region, whatever is required to produce the leftover wine, whatever process is done, and you can join the wine tasting tours. These types of tours are generally free, but it is possible to drink free wine, but the purpose of the factories and tour organizers is of course to sell you bottles of wine on the way out. You can have the wines you bought shipped to your home. In the event of a break in the road, the wineries take full responsibility. Prices are not very expensive. More precisely, it changes on a wide scale. It is quite possible to find different alternatives according to your taste and budget.

You can do both tasting and shopping at points such as Turasan Wine House, Efendi Wine House, Kocabağ Wine House, Orman Wine House, Local Wine House, and Mahzen Wine House.

Shopping for Semi-Precious Stones from Stone Shops

The famous stone of Cappadocia is actually onyx, but since the stone masters are generally good at their work and are famous in the region, other than onyx, sultanite, turquoise, amethyst, amber, agate stone etc. It is possible to find jewelery shops and accessory shops or jewelery workshops where you can find magnificent jewelery made of semi-precious stones.

Even if you are not going to buy it, we definitely recommend you to go and see it. Moreover, let’s not go without saying that even the prices of diamonds in Cappadocia are significantly cheaper than in other cities.

Visiting Carpet Weaving Workshops

Handmade, hand-woven carpets, Hereke carpets etc. etc… Ürgüp and Avanos carpets.. In short, a wide variety, all handcrafted. Original handcrafts, not machine-made carpets. The Cappadocia region is very famous for carpet weaving and rug making. You can attend the carpet workshops and see how the carpet is woven from loop to loop, and if there is a model you like and you can afford, you can buy it.

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